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static void run_apt_clean ( const gchar *  user_suite  )  [static]

rationalise error output.

Definition at line 391 of file langupdate.cc.

References lu_get_aptstring().

Referenced by main().

      gchar * config_str, * hdl, * hdl_err, * name;
      GError * gerr = NULL;
      gint err_status = 0;

      g_return_if_fail (user_suite);
      config_str = lu_get_aptstring();
      name = g_strdup_printf ( "%s %s %s", "apt-get", config_str, "clean");
      g_spawn_command_line_sync (name, &hdl, &hdl_err, &err_status, &gerr);
      if (gerr) 
            /// \todo rationalise error output.
            g_printerr (_("apt returned an error:%s\n"), hdl_err);
            g_printerr (_("status code:%d\n"), err_status);
            g_printerr ("%s\n", gerr->message);
            g_clear_error (&gerr);
            g_free (hdl_err);

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