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static void lu_check_supported_suites ( gchar *  user_suite  )  [static]

checks the user specified suite against the supported list

Sets the user specified suite if supported, otherwise sets the Emdebian default (unstable). If the user also specifies a particular mirror, allow whatever value the user specifies for the suite.

Definition at line 446 of file langupdate.cc.

Referenced by main().

      gchar * allowed, * match;

      /* if user specifies a mirror, all bets are off. */
      if (mirror)
      match = NULL;
      /* Translators: used with the --suite option to confirm
      the suite codename entered by the user. */
      g_print ("%s: %s%s\n", PACKAGE, _("Checking Emdebian support for: "), user_suite);
      allowed = g_strdup("unstable sid testing lenny stable squeeze experimental");
      match = g_strrstr_len (allowed, strlen(allowed), user_suite);
      if (match)
            suite_codename = g_strdup(user_suite);
            /* Translators - the %s strings are the same value. */
            g_warning (_("Suite '%s' is not supported by Emdebian.\n"
                  "Use the mirror option to specify a repository that can\n"
                  "provide the '%s' suite"), user_suite, user_suite);
            g_print ("\n%s: %s", PACKAGE, _("Using the default Emdebian suite: unstable.\n"));
            suite_codename = g_strdup("unstable");
      g_free (user_suite);
      g_free (allowed);

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