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static gchar* lu_parse_installed ( const gchar *  name,
const gchar *  src,
const gchar *  locale 
) [static]

Parses list of all installed packages.

Store a list of existing target packages by skipping those already installed.

name full package name from dpkg status
src source package for name, from the apt cache
locale the locale the TDeb needs to supply.

Definition at line 312 of file langupdate.cc.

References lu_check_pkg_name().

Referenced by main().

      GList * match;
      gchar *target, * lang;

      if (!g_strcmp0 (locale, ""))
            return NULL;
      match = NULL;
      /* generate the full locale-lang suffix */
      lang = g_strconcat ("-", LOCALE_SUFFIX, "-", locale, NULL);
      target = g_strconcat (src, lang, NULL);
      if ((g_str_has_suffix (name, lang)) or 
            (!g_strcmp0(target, name)))
            /* pkg is already a suitable locale package, skip it. */
            installed = g_list_prepend (installed, target);
            /* in case the target occurs later in the list */
            targets = g_list_remove (targets, target);
            return NULL;
      match = g_list_find_custom (installed, target, lu_check_pkg_name);
      if (g_list_length (match) != 0)
            targets = g_list_prepend (targets, target);
      g_free (lang);
      return target;

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