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GList* not_ours = NULL [static]

List of packages that are not from Emdebian.

In order for langupdate to be safe in use in Debian, langupdate must not attempt to install an Emdebian TDeb when the package installed is from Debian as a file conflict will occur. (Emdebian TDebs do not have "Replaces:" for the corresponding binary packages.)

Even though the sysadmin can manually delete files from /usr/share/locale, it is not safe to assume that this has happened for the specific files in the TDeb. Calculating the conflict would require looking up the Source: package in the installed package check.

Currently, langupdate takes the safer option that if the relevant binary package is not from Emdebian (with an Emdebian version string), then the TDeb should not be considered.

The list of packages that fall into this category is held in not_ours.

Definition at line 72 of file langupdate.cc.

Referenced by main().

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